​                                                                    In Memory of Sister Marian Adrian

                                                        The Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern is sad to announce                                                             that Sister Marian Adrian, Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart, age                                                               90, died Dec. 14, 2020 at her retirement home in Pennsylvania                                                           where she lived with others from the Order.

Sister Marian was a passionate advocate for migrant workers and the rural poor living in Orleans and Genesee County and was instrumental in the growth and development of the Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern from the 1970's on. After retiring from teaching Mathematics and Science for 22 years at Albion High School, in 1991 Sister Marian became Executive Director of the Ministry of Concern and served in that position for nearly ten years. As a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart she frequently had the opportunity to speak at Catholic Churches in the Buffalo area. The passion with which she spoke made an enduring impression on those who heard her and many responded by becoming faithful donors. After her retirement she remained involved as a active Board member and fundraiser. In November of 2015 she moved to Pennsylvania to join her sister Grey Nuns in retirement . A wise investor, Sister Marian's legacy gifts to the Ministry of Concern have established a strong foundation of resources that will help ensure the long term continuation of the organization.
Please take a moment to follow the link below to the website of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart to learn more about the life of this extraordinary woman who exemplified the mission of her order: "to be signs of God's constant and unconditional love for every person."
Sister Marian Adrian, GNSH | Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

Mission in Action:
Please take a moment to look at our video below that shows how our donors gave struggling families a chance to get gifts for their children.  The thank you notes at the end of video are touching!