Travis Crowley our "friendly furniture program guy"  for many years turned over his keys to Jacob Warney, our new driver who will be assisted by his brother Daniel.

Jacki Mowers- Sciarabba - Senior Advocate


Nyla Gaylord - Executive Director 


A word from our Director...

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Ministry of Concern is really in the Bridge Building business.  Our goal is to help families ‘build a bridge’ from crisis to stabilization and then to higher levels of independence.  We also help children ‘build bridges’ from loneliness to acceptance, from academic frustration to achievement; and from a fearful future to one with hope and handles.  In short, we offer families and children a Bridge to Better – whatever ‘better’ is needed to provide growth and development.

Our new Furniture Program Assistant Daniel, is happy to join our team and for the chance to give back.  About nine years ago, the apartment in which he lived burned.  It was the Ministry of Concern Furniture Program that helped him out with new furniture.  "I'm happy to be able to help out others now and give back to the community that helped me!" Daniel said on his first day of employment.  Please warmly welcome Daniel and Jacob Warney, brothers who are now "the friendly furniture program guys."  

Monthly gifts to the Ministry of Concern help us have a more consistent means of covering our expenses and providing services to those in need.  Many of you are already doing this and it is greatly appreciated.  All of you have been most generous and faithful in your giving, which has enabled us to bless the lives of many in critical need and we can’t thank you enough for your faithfulness in giving.

We invite you to be a part of our Bridge Builders’ Fan Club and make a monthly commitment to the wonderful privilege of helping Kids and their Families.  Our goal is to develop a BB Fan Club giving stream of $50,000 per year.  Help us by returning the enclosed response card indicating your monthly gift level.

On behalf of the Kids and their Families, “Thank YOU!”

Laverne W. Bates and Nyla Gaylord

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NOTE: It will take 20 @ $100 + 30 @ $50 + 49 @ $25 to reach $50,000.  Larger and smaller gifts are welcome too.  Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!!