WHAT WE DO:  Gently used furniture items are picked up from donors and delivered free of charge to families in need. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  We have a waiting list for beds, dressers, kitchen/dining room tables and chairs, refrigerators, electric stoves, microwaves, electric washers and dryers. 

To donate call us at: (585) 589-9210 to arrange for free pickup .

​​​​​​​The Ministry of Concern, Inc., helps people overcome difficult life circumstances, assisting families living in poverty and the working poor.  In 2019 more than 3,000 children and adults benefited from our services. 

NEED HELP?  Call us at (585) 589-9210 for an appointment.  Due to the Covid 19 crisis we are seeing people by appointment only between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.    


WHAT WE DO:  We provide people in need with personal care items, bedding, prescription co-pays, vision and dental assistance, help with certain utility bills and limited assistance with emergency shelter.  We work with other organizations and public benefit programs to help avoid crisis.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  We appreciate donations of personal care items, bedding, and financial assistance to help fund needed staff and operational costs to provide services. Call us at (585) 589-9210. 


WHAT WE DO:  Assist children and their families overcome individual challenges by supporting youth participation in community activities, teaching positive values, financial literacy, and identifying and pursuing individual and family development goals.  Volunteer advisors support family members in attending community activities with a focus on healthy activities and developing individual talents.     

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Volunteer Advisors are needed. For more information call (585) 589-9210 and speak to Ayesha Kreutz, program coordinator.